What.  What is your learning goal to rap good.

So what  What have i learn to listening conscrvation

Now what now i am learning to diet good to diet better                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


IHBL: a hip hop routine
         to combine different movements into a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
So What?

        I really enjoyed the robot bekcause we really did it well.

Now what?

        I would like to do further dance lessons
        I would like to learn the dance the Y7 and 8s did.



What is my learning goal: to put my words on the lines when I am doing my Wrlting.

What have I learned to put my words on the line.

What is my next step: to write clearly.


What is my learning goal? To Flick and link in handwriting.

What have I learnt? To sit letters and numbers on the line.

What is my next step? To use cursive style.
Keeping Ourselves Safe

What l am learning to make safe

So what I am learning this because...

Now what An example of a safe decision is it can use it to help othevs


 WALT write a poem using a haiku structure

I learned to make a haiku poem

I achieved my goal because my haiku poem was about snow and I think it is good

Here is my haiku poem:

snow is very fun

snow is like a paper cut

snow is very cold


WALT create a mosaic picture using pastel and
Indian ink.

I learned to use pastel

Here is an example of my learning: we used pastel and chalk.

Next time I will use more colour

My Mihi

WALT   introduce ourselves in Maori.

I learned... to pronounce words correctly in Maori.

My best sentence is No reira, tena koutou  tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

I achieved my goal because I can say the words properly.

My next step is to say the words without looking.


WALT: understand and use new vocabulary/words

I learned about the wind power

I achieved my goal because use new vocabulary/words correctly in sentences

Next time I will use more sentences to explain new word.

ANZAC writing

WALT write a diary entry using specific vocabulary.

I learned to write more than 2 sentences.

My best sentence is: We were hiding in trenches and were camouflaged.

I achieved my goal because I used interesting words.

Next time I will try to use the sounds I can hear in my spelling.